Centro Cultural El Matadero, Huesca, Spain, November 3 2001


CD 1

1. intro / Planet Earth (vocal version) >
2. Discipline 27-II >
Angel Race >
I'll Wait for You >
This World Is Not My Home
3. Happy as the Day Is Long (SR transcription and arrangement of Fletcher Henderson) (Arlen/Koehler)
4. Better Music Will Create a Better World
5. Cosmic Hop
6. Blue Set
7. recitation and EVI solo
8. Carefree (Egyptian Fantasy)
9. Love in Outer Space
10. Space Is the Place

CD 2

1. Out of the Rain - A Tribute to the World Trade Center (Allen)
2. A Foggy Day
3. Watch the Sunshine
4. Fate in a Pleasant Mood
5. Hit That Jive Jack
Local folkore group with pipes, ancient wind instruments, and percussion:
6. Space Is the Place

Total time: ?? min

Complete concert.

Sun Ra day included tributes by Markus Breuss with his electronics, Ramon Godes with Alejandro Royo, as well as a weird performance of "Space is the Place" by a local folkore group with pipes, ancient wind instruments and percussion.

Marshall Allen - alto sax, flute and EVI; Noel Scott - alto sax; Ya-Ya Abdul Majid - tenor sax; Fred Adams - trumpet; Michael Ray - trumpet and voice; Dave Davis - trombone; ?Dick Griffin - trombone; John Ore - bass; Luqman Ali - drums; Elson Nascimento - surdo and percussion; Charlie Elerby - electric guitar

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