The Main Room @ Knitting Factory, New York City, October 31 2001, 8pm show


CD 1

1. Sun Ra Sent His Band from Outer Space
2. Out of the Blue - A Tribute to the World Trade Center (Allen)
3. Space Is the Place
4. Discipline 27-II
5. Better Music Will Create a Better World (#39 in the book)
6. ?Cosmic Hop (Art Jenkins voc)
7. ?Rain Clouds Chase Sunshine Away (Art Jenkins voc)
8. unidentified title
9. unidentified title (Art Jenkins space voice)

CD 2

1. unidentified title (spliced due to disc flip)
2. They're Peepin'
3. Blue Set
4. Halloween in Harlem (with processional through crowd)
5. A Tribute to the World Trade Center (Allen)
6. Skippin' Stones

Total time: ?? min

Marshall Allen - director, alto sax, EVI; Ya-Ya Abdul Mahid - tenor sax; Knoel Scott - alto sax; Fred Adams - trumpet; Tyrone Hill - trombone; Dave Davis - trombone; Charlie Elerby - electric guitar; Nina Ninnett - harp; Art Jenkins - vocals, ashiko; Craig Haynes - djembe; Elson Nascimento - surdo, percusion; John Ore - bass; Junny Booth - bass; Luqman Ali - drums

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