Carolina Theater, Durham, NC, September 19 1987


CD 1

untitled improvisation (percussion)
Sunology / Lion of the Heavens >
King of the Kingdom of Mystery >
I Have Many Names >
This World Is Not My Home >
Angel Race >
untitled improvisation >
drum solo
tenor solo >
untitled improvisation
unidentified blues (piano)
Yeah Man!
Prelude to a Kiss (cut)

CD 2

(cut) Christopher Columbus
I Dream Too Much
Space Is the Place >
We Travel the Spaceways >
Outer Spaceways Inc. >
Rocket #9 >
Second Stop Is Jupiter >
Journey to Saturn >
Saturn Rings (cut)
(cut) drums / percussion >
untitled improvisation (cut)
(cut) Discipline 27-II >
If I Told You I Was from Outer Space >
You've Lost Your Heavenly Rights >
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child >
This World Is Not My Home >
Big Brother / Little Brother
Slumming on Park Avenue (cut)
(cut) Over the Rainbow
unidentified blues (piano)
East of the Sun (cut)

Total time: ?? min

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