Rocca Brancaleone, Ravenna, July 04 1982


Part 1 (28:05)
untitled improvisation
The Lost Horizon
Along Came Ra
Discipline 27-II
untitled improvisation
Part 2 (46:58)
piano solo Queer Notions
Big John's Special
Fate in a Pleasant Mood
drum solo
untitled blues
Yeah Man
unidentified swing tune
Sometimes I'm Happy

Total time: 75 min

Sun Ra; John Gilmore; Marshall Allen; James Jacson; Danny Thompson; Fred Adams; Le Roy Taylor; Carla Washington; Tyrone Hill; Eric Walker; Gregory Pratt; Thomas Hunter Jr.; Walter Miller; Rollo Redford

Part one and part two correspond to the two sides of a cassette. Audience recording, listenable, great music.

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