Squat Theater, New York City, August 14 1979


CD 1

Sun Ra speaks and is looking for a screwdriver
Love in Outer Space (Sun Ra solo piano)
unidentified title (Sun Ra solo piano)
Set 1:
unidentified title (Sun Ra solo piano)
unidentified title (Sun Ra, Gilmore, and traps)
There Will Never Be Another You (excellent rare version, only other version is 12/31/80)
unidentified title
unidentified title (cut)

CD 2:

(cut) unidentified blues
El Is a Sound of Joy (alternate arrangement)
unidentified swing tune
unidentified swing tune
Space Is the Place > (drop out where Sun Ra says "not free")
We Travel the Spaceways >
Outer Spaceways Inc.
Set 2:
lightning drum >
When Sun Comes Out (vocal by June Tyson, no other known version!)
When There Is No Sun
Keep Your Sunny Side Up >
Shadow World >

Total time: ?? min

A very intriguing show. Very inside, and what sounds like a much smaller lineup than usual. Sounds as though it was recorded on top of or next to Sun Ra's keyboards. On unidentified title > unidentified blues Sun Ra is on piano. He switches to organ from El Is A Sound of Joy on.

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