Jordan Hall, Boston, December 1975


CD 1 (71:08)

1. untitled improvisation (morrow) >
Love in Outer Space
2. Images
3. untitled improvisation (keyboard)
4. ?There Is Change in the Air
5. Space Is the Place
6. Journey to Saturn
7. Discipline 27-II >
I Have Many Names
8. unidentified title (?Sophisticated Lady)
9. unidentified title (?Slippery Horn)
Calling Planet Earth >
We Travel the Spaceways

CD 2 (21:55)

1. Blue Train (great soprano sax solo)
2. Afro-Blue (amazing soloing; really swinging straight bop/jazz)

It is highly doubtful that CD 2 is the Arkestra. The sonics would suggest it is a different band from the same performance

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