RCA Studios, Chicago, around February 1956 (Saturn 45rpm single)

Le Sun-Ra and his Arkestra

Saturn (black script on black label, G7OW-5257 on the label, G7OW-5257 1S etched in plastic)

Call for All Demons (aka A Call for all Demons) (G70W-5259 on the label, G70W-5259 1S etched in plastic)

Total time: ?? min

At the time the discography came out, no copies of the recordings had been found in in the 45rpm format. In fact, "Call for All Demons" is backed with "Saturn", not "Demon's Lullaby" as speculated in the discography. "Call for All Demons" is the same as "A Call for All Demons" which appears on the LP "Angels and Demons at Play." "Saturn" is the same version as the taped version found during the making of and which appears on "The Singles" CD set (but does not appear elsewhere on vinyl)

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